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    Nightlife in Poland

    In Poland nightlife activities are very popular, with big cities like Warsaw and Gdansk competing with many European cities for the best nightlife. Polish nightlife is one of the best in Eastern Europe with different experience from city to city.

    The Nightlife in Warsaw:

    The nightlife in Warsaw has become very popular in the last decade. The city center is considered to be the entertainment hub of the city, thanks to the variety of shops that cater for various needs. A regular evening in Warsaw starts off with spirits and wine in any of the many crazy pubs and bars littered around the city to kick off the night.

    Warsaw’s nightlife is one of the finest in Eastern Europe, with legions of bar and clubs scattered across the city. the hipper places are either truly worth visiting or too full of bragging, velvet ropes and bouncers. Be ready to see lots of well or barely dressed women, with men in shirts and shoes. Big star DJs do make their way to Warsaw, and in the summer, many nightspots offer outdoor drinking areas.

    Club lovers will find out that there are big clubs that attract a very big crowd and even more there are calmer yet interesting jazz bars that play live music. Some of the superb locals in Warsaw can be spotted here. Whatever delight you fancy, the city is sure to satisfy them.

    One of the popular street in Warsaw is the ‘Mazowiecka’ street, home to some of the most dynamic clubs and bars and where the city’s elite come to relax.

    Nightlife in Gdansk:

    This city is a brilliant sociable city with many lovers of the outdoors living here. One will easily notice that entertainment centers in the city are located in the underground of old architectural buildings.

    Also, many restaurants in the city are temporary clubs or bars in the night time. People in Gdansk are not always ceremonial therefore we can find those live music performances, music shows, and concerts strive here. There are also night clubs that open to the early hours of the day.

    Just take a walk around Gdansk, you’ll find a wide range of bars and pubs, from the very off-beat to typical student pubs, from ex-pat hangouts to beautiful lounges. Be aware, Eastern Europe has some of the wildest night clubs in the world, and Gdansk is no exception. Bachelor parties are everywhere, and the locals love to dress up for the occasion. Clubs are likely to be open late, and the DJs are tireless! Not for the faint of heart.

    Polish people are beer lovers and this is the same in Gdansk, on average there are more beer pubs, wine bars and cafes here than there are in any place in Poland. Whichever tastes you desire, Gdansk offers a unique night-time experience filled with extravagant, creativeness, and spirit.

    Nightlife in Wroclaw:

    The night view in this city is mainly active during the weekends mostly Fridays and Saturdays. Many facilities do not open on Sundays, however, there are several activities that take place in this city, from clubbing to student outdoor festivities. The city is toured with a very young population of fun lovers.

    The two major areas in Wroclaw where fun is assured is the ‘Market’, a square in the heart of the city. There’s also ‘Ruska’, the most liveliest street where almost all clubs, pubs and discos can be found.

    The most popular bars and night clubs in Poland are situated in the old town, main square. Thursdays are students night, usually free entry, not as crowded as Friday and Saturday.

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