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    Working overseas can change your life, and having international experience can help you obtain a future job ahead of the competition. Traveling abroad can be costly, but that should not deter you from pursuing your ambitions! Here are five different options for funding an abroad internship.

    Start looking!

    If you do your research, there are numerous scholarships available for interning overseas. You can seek guidance from your university’s teachers and counselors, or start looking online. A good place to start is this setlinn blog article about study abroad grants for internships.

    Find Funding!

    Start a fundraising campaign. These websites allow you to explain potential donors, whether they are friends, relatives, or strangers, why you should intern overseas. Use your imagination to create films and photographs that you can share on social media. The best part is that you get to retain all of the money you raise even if you don’t meet your goal!

    Try Blogging!

    Create a website or blog for your trip to spread the word and solicit funding. The Internet is an excellent means of communicating with others.

    Once you’ve started your program, you can use your blog to share your travel experiences (stories, images, etc.) with people who have helped you get there and are still helping you.

  • No money? No problem- Ways to fund your internship plans

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