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    The Palliative Care Nursing programme is designed for Nurses, Allied Healthcare Professionals and Social Care Professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills at an intermediate level of palliative care.

    The advantages of learning in this multi-professional context will enable the student to explore their learning alongside other professions. Learners will be challenged to advance their knowledge with a focus on holistic palliative care within a multi-disciplinary setting, and learners will understand the need for and apply the principles of self-care within their clinical practice. This programme is also unique in that learners will have the opportunity to identify personal learning goals that will address their own learning needs. This programme will empower the learner to care for patients and families who may have complex palliative care needs.

    Who is this course suited to?

    This programme is suited to healthcare professionals who wish to develop their skills and practice in generalist palliative care, enabling them to work with patients who have complex palliative care needs.

    Career opportunity

    This programme will provide learners with the required skills and knowledge to function at an intermediate level of specialisation within the Palliative Care Framework. It is envisaged that this programme will enable participants to undertake further postgraduate studies to develop their career in specialist palliative care roles.

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