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    Do you intend to study in Canada? Then you need to apply for a study permit which will be issued to you at your arrival to Canada. A study permit is quite different from the temporary resident visa. A study permit is a document that serves as a permission for students to study in Canada. While the visa is facilitated by the visa application centers, a study permit is issued by the Canadian immigration authorities, and it is your legal authorization for enrollment in any of the Designated Learning Institutions. (DLI). 

    A study permit entails various inevitable processes, therefore, it is important you begin the process early to ensure your permit is processed before the commencement of your studies. Below are some of the necessary steps required to obtaining a study permit; 

     1. Acceptance letter: an acceptance letter from your Designated Learning Institution is needed in applying for your Canada study permit. 

    2. Proof of Financial Capability: you must be financially buoyant before applying for a study permit. A statement of account is usually required to ascertain your financial capability for the tuition, house, food and other necessities in your first study year. Having this fund under the name of a family member is also acceptable.

     3. Other supporting documents: all other necessary documents must be submitted with all study permit applications. There are various extensive documents required from each country. You must find out which is applicable to your country. Click here for more information 

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