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    Isabella Aghogu

    Don’t be shy, you want to know if you’d get something out of the work you do!
    </div><div> I think it’s a very fair question.
    Although the foundation of volunteering is based on unpaid work in order to support organizations that cannot afford to pay workers, usually for the greater good, some volunteers are compensated.
    </div><div> You should consider paid volunteer work if you fall under any of these categories;
    </div><div>-You plan to volunteer for an organization abroad but need money to pay for your living expenses.
    </div><div>-You are retired or not currently employed and want to share your skills with an organization you care about</div><div> -You hope to turn a volunteer position into a full-time paid job. Find out how here.
    </div><div>If you fall into any of these categories, Congratulations! Turn that guilty frown upside down and stay tuned to find out more about paid volunteering!

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