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    Planning a Perfect Date in Ecuador

    Whether you are already married or planning to do so anytime soon in Ecuador, then, Quito Ecuador is a sure bet to having that perfect and romantic date. Located between the Andes Mountains with a heavenly climate and with lots of cultural events going on, it’s indeed a cool and calm city.

    The South American country of Ecuador is quite a famous tourist destination. The country is widely-renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, romantic beach resorts, and diverse flora and fauna.

    One of Quito’s most important characteristics is romanticism. Once in Quito, you have to go to the old town to enjoy this spirit, even more if you go by night time. If you would love to enjoy a special tour with the love of your life to add a plus to your special date, then, Casa 1028 is the answer. It is a mobile restaurant that combines gastronomy and touristic rides to the most iconic sites in Quito.

    Another way by which you can enjoy a romantic date with your spouse or partner, is by visiting the beautiful downtown and learn more about our history in the voices of several historical figures from Quito. Quito Eterno is a theatrical group that has been leading tourist groups since 2002. They provide several itineraries around Quito’s old town with an unconventional and fun touch.

    El Pobre Diablo

    El Pobre Diablo is a bar that organizes concerts every week, it’s a great place to go and have a drink while listening to the best music made in Ecuador.

    La Loberia

    La Loberia is a stretch of scenic beaches on the country’s Pacific coastline, known for its colonies of Galapagos Sea Lions. These noisy but endearing mammals are full of character, organizing themselves into boisterous colonies of 30-40 females and their young pups, a hareem to each group’s alpha male.

    El Garrapatero

    Another part of Ecuador s renowned for an eye-catching combination of tranquil landscapes and unusual beasts is El Garrapatero. This protected marine environment represents a more fertile snorkeling territory. As you follow the trails towards the beaches you’ll hear a cacophony of birdsong, not to mention lizards and finches darting through the foliage. There’s a nearby lagoon where you’ll have every chance of coming across spectacular pink flamingoes.

    To discover more romantic places perfect for a romantic date in Ecuador, click here

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