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    Emmanuel Alfred

    Why you should go to Germany as a young footballer

    Europe is laden with loads of fantastic football academies that presents a fine opportunity to make it as a pro-footballer. But what about makes this football power house an ideal destination for young athletes?

    Below are some of them:


    Football is a game of passion and every young footballer needs someone who can bring out the passion and also develop your game all round. With a staggering 34,970 registered coaches in Germany, you are sure to always stumble on trained professionals who can harness your strengths

    Focus on youth

    The Beauty of having many young coaches in Germany is that they tend to give opportunities to young and talented players, thereby allowing them to produce a lot of talented athletes who become professional in no time.

    Competition for places

    Good coaches bringing through more quality players inevitably means there will be greater competition for a berth in the starting line-up. With several players vying for each position, Charles Darwin’s theory of the ‘survival of the fittest’ prevails, and Germany are left with the best of the best.

    Flexible Routine

    The players have a schedule that is designed to fit them thereby allowing them to do extracurricular activities. This particular system allows the players to rest when they have to and still come back fresh to play the game at the highest level.

    Winter break is a common feature in German football.

    Technique not physique

    Germany have evolved their game to focus on technique, tactical awareness and positioning which has allowed talented players, however diminutive, to make the grade as long as they’re good enough.

    They pay huge attention to how often the ball is lost due to a poor first touch, or how often possession is given away cheaply making their footballers such a joy to watch when they come of age.


    Being trained in a particular system that is in unison is a common feature in German football. Players of all age groups are all schooled in the 4-2-3-1 system, making it easy for everyone irrespective of the academy you’re playing to get accustomed to it.


    Young footballers are trained from a young age to play Infront of huge crowds thereby making them get used to such huge arena.

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