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    Emmanuel Alfred

    Soccer is one of the most popular sports in Canada in terms of participation and it comes with a lot of benefits for those who turn professional.<div>

    However, living the fabulous life of Professional Soccer players comes at a cost as it demands a lot of discipline and dedication.

    Below are some ways to becoming a Professional Soccer Player in Canada:

    Have a target

    Have a well worked out plan by setting a target that would serve as a guide as you pursue your dream career.

    This will help to give you a focus and direction. It will act as a propellant on days you become discouraged.

    Learn basic skills

    Improving the technical aspect of your game like dribbling, first touch etc will help improve your game.

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    Approach clubs

    Sometimes, you need to go to the academies of top teams letting them know of your intent. Informing them of what you have to offer as a player.

    Apply for Scholarship Programmes</div><div>

    We will discuss this as our next topic but this programme has helped many athletes become better at what they do. This is because athletes enrolled in special sports scholarship programs, some of which are state-sponsored, the end becomes successful.


    Join an Academy</div><div>

    Academies would help you establish links with already established clubs in no distant time. They have well-established links with international clubs, scouts, agents or player management organisations.

    Go for trials

    Trials are one of the best places that could quickly help you secure a deal with a professional team as quick as possible. However, if you are not endowed with the game’s basic skills, you may end up disappointed.

    Remember, coaches are on the lookout for what you can offer, and it is not all about your talent but what you can offer on the soccer pitch.

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