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    If you are thinking of Poland as a work destination, you may check out the high demand jobs in Poland to see if your field of work is part of it. It inform your decision on whether to make the move.
    Having the educational qualification or skill set of one of the high demand jobs in Poland is not enough, the most important requirement that you need to allow you work in Poland is the Work visa/permit.

    Work Visa/Permit

    According to Polish immigration regulations, foreign workers must have the appropriate visas and work permits. Employee work permits must be obtained and sponsored by a locally regulated and established firm, which can be difficult for newcomers to the Polish market. Visas will only be issued if no acceptable Polish candidate can be found for a position, as Poland is notorious for being rather rigid with its visa requirements for foreigners.
    To get a visa for the purpose of work, a foreigner must submit a work permit and/or the employer’s written statement on the intention of delegating work to the foreigner. The organization that wishes to employ foreigners obtains these documents.

    Types of Work Visa in Poland

    Citizens of other EU member states do not require a work permit to work in Poland because it is a member of the European Union (EU).
    Non-EU citizens seeking access to Poland for employment purposes can apply for a variety of visas, including:

    • Work Permit (Type A): For foreigners who work for a Polish employer, this permit is required.

    • Work Permission (Type C or E): For employees deployed to work in Poland as part of an intracompany transfer, this permit is available.

    • Visa for business (Schengen Visa C or D)

    • Visa for freelancers and entrepreneur

    Employers are usually expected to get a work permit on behalf of a foreign employee, the employer must submit certain documents. These documents include the following:

    • Payment of application costs must be documented.

    • Verification of the employer’s legal status from the National Court Register

    • Records of the employer’s economic activity are kept up to date.

    • Copies of the applicant’s passport pages including essential trip details

    • Evidence of the applicant’s health insurance coverage

    • A deed for the firm

    • A copy of a statement detailing the employer’s profits or losses

    • A document of a contract for the service that is being supplied in Poland.

    In order to get a Polish employer to apply for your visa, you will need to apply for the job and get it. Once the employer finds you suitable for the job, the other arrangements will be made by them. You just have to keep in touch and provide any document that is required.
    It is crucial to be aware that your work permit is only valid for the duration of your employment with the company that applied for it. If you decide to change jobs, your new employer will have to file for a new permit.

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