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    Victor Omotosho

    Poland is an interesting country to study abroad and It is very easy to apply for your Bachelor or Master degree in a Polish University and with the prepared documents and papers it even a more seamless process.

    Here is a summary of steps in applying to Polish Universities.

    First choose a course or program: Knowing what area of interest is as important as choosing the University you wish to study in. so make a list of the range of courses where your interest is centered around.

    Choose a University: Polish universities have been more successful in international university rankings over the past years. You can rely on Polish Universities as the Polish government and authorities ensure a national and international wide standard for education.

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    Check admission requirements: Admission requirement varies across universities and also based on the level of studies you plan on being enrolled in i.e Undergraduate and Postgraduate or Doctorate degree. Also carrying out a detailed research on the course is important. So contant your department care line or University service or the Polish Embassy for more information and application details

    Prepare the necessary documents: Have all you document in place as you can be required to present any document at any stage of the application process and even during your study stay.

    Send your application

    Apply for student Visa

    Make provisions for accommodation: whether you will be staying in the University dormitory or in a private or shared accommodation, this is where you make living arrangements and decisions.

    Arrive at the University in Poland and start study experience

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