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    Preparing for an au pair trip requires outright wisdom, patience and calmness. You are leaving for another country and it is expected of you to prepare adequately for your trip as an au pair. The following items and more are needed for your au pair trip abroad.

    1. Electronic devices (laptop, camera) + charger

    2. Sun glasses
    3. Photos of your family and friends at home
    4. Present for your host family
    5. Small bag of make-up
    6. Your favourite books (not too many, they are heavy)
    7. Small dictionary

    Must-pack items/very essential items

    1. Passport + Visa
    2. Travel ticket
    3. Signed down Au Pair contract
    4. Contact details and important telephone numbers
    5. Some cash (about $200) + credit or debit card
    6. Insurance card
    7. International driver’s license
    8. Comfortable clothes and shoes (Jeans, T-shirt, Cardigan, etc)
    9. Enough of prescription medication (if necessary)

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