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    It is noteworthy that most Malaysia universities offer international degrees from other countries. This is a rare advantage and it is not surprising that many leverage on it. Which university will then be your best choice?Let’s help you, below are some top quality and yet affordable universities with links to their sites

    1. University of Malaya (UM) established on 1st January 1962, also known as Universiti Malaya in Malay language spoken in Malaysia. University of Malaya is a public r university located in Kuala Lampur, the capital city of Malaysia. It is also the highest-ranking higher institution of learning in Malaysia. The institution has produced four prime ministers of Malaysia. Interested? Click here

    2. University of Malaysia Kelantan or Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) is a public university in kota Bharu, Kelantan state, Malaysia. It prides itself as an entrepreneurship university as its motto is, “Entrepreneurship is our Thrust”. UMk was established in 2007 and it has grown to be one of the foremost universities in Malaysia for International students. Its tuition fee ranges from $3400 to $4000 depending on the area of discipline for Masters’ students. Check site

    3. University of Putra Malaysia (UMP) also known as Universiti Putra Malaysia was founded on 29th October 1971. UMP is a public research university focusing in areas such as agriculture, medicine, biotechnology, engineering and computer science. It also has a wide range of undergraduates’ and postgraduates’ programmes in the fields of Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine, Medicine, Social Sciences, Business and Language. UMP has two campuses. The main campus is located at Serdang in Selangor State, Malaysia while the branch campus is in Bintulu, Sarawak State, Malaysia.

    Guess what? UMP offers financial assistance and scholarships to postgraduate students. More details here

    4. University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) also known as Universiti Malaysia Sabah is a public university in Malaysia. It was officially established on 24th November 1994. The university is located on a at Sepanggar Bay in Kota Kinabalu in the Malaysian state of Sabah. The school fee ranges between $1700 and $2000 depending on the field of study. Get more details here

    5. National University of Malaysia (UKM) or Universiti Kebangsan Malaysia is a public university located at Banda Baru Bangi, Selangor State, Malaysia. UKM was established on 18th May 1970. UKM was birthed to as a nationalist university to preserve the Malay language and a move against British colonization.

    Tuition ranges between $2283 and $3000 depending on the course of study. Read more…

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