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    Deborah Etim

    If you have just gotten a job in any European country like Germany, Spain, France and Poland, congratulations! However, there is certainly important information you need to know before accepting to move over to that country. Granted, you may have already made your findings on how to get a visa and all the other important documents to ensure you get to your destination in good time but there is more you need to know. This post shares questions which answers are crucial, presiding your moving to another country. These questions are targeted at your prospective employers.

    • Who will cover the costs of relocation? This is an important piece of information you need. You cannot up and go to a new environment without budgeting and planning your finances. Some job offers come with relocation costs covered for foreigners who are professionals in that field. It is okay to ask your employer if they will cover your relocation cost, or if you are expected to do so. If they say it is in their policy to cover relocation for foreign employees, you may want to probe further and ask to what extent if the information does not clearly state it.

    • What would be expected of me at my new job? This goes beyond your job description because I am sure it must be discussed explicitly at the interview before you got the job. This probes further to know if there is any information that has been left out, for example, how important it is to learn the official language of that country. Yes, learning the official language is important for communication but some jobs, even though they do not require fluency in the language as a prerequisite, may involuntarily expose you to cases where you may need to know the language.

    • Who will handle my visa requirements?: Organisations that employ foreigners usually handle their visa requirements because it makes it easier and faster for the visa to be granted to the applicant on grounds of employment. However, some organisations are not willing to tow that line to undergo the process of handling an employee’s visa. It would do you good to enquire about this to be prepared for the task you have to do.

    • Are there other foreigners working for you? This may seem like reaching, but your employers would understand why you are asking since you are also a foreigner. The answer to this question will help you gauge how to blend in quickly upon arrival. It is a relief to know that there are people you can talk to with shared experiences. While this question does not exactly relate to the value you bring to the organisation, it is important so that you can know what to expect.

    • Can my salary cover my expenses? While this may seem like a silly question to ask an employer, it is totally necessary. Considering that you will be earning in another currency, and the cost of living differs, it is important to know, so as not to get stranded. When you are told how much you earn, do not get too excited upon exchanging it at your currency’s rate. It may seem like a huge deal since the Euros is higher than most currencies. Slow down and ask your employers if they offered an amount that can cover your expenses, considering where the location of the company is.

    • What is your paid leave vacation policy? This is important information many people overlook and become unsatisfied with their company’s policies on issues like paid leave after they move. It is great to know this information, and if it suits your needs before accepting to embark on the journey.

    • What is my future at the company? You want to know if they have long-term plans concerning their staff. It would be futile to move to a new country and not developing your career while there. You want a company that offers long-term benefits and career growth to its employees.

    Most of these questions may seem weird but they are important. Do not hesitate to ask because your employers will understand your need to get insights on what it entails to work with them, especially since you will be coming from a different country. However, do not push it and resort to asking petty questions that are of no use to you, or them.

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