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    Ethiopia is famously known as the only African country that was not colonized. However, the country has more to it than this historical record. Over the years, Ethiopia has efficiently retained its culture and traditions. The great importance they attach to their customs can be vividly seen in their daily lives if you take a visit.

    Apart from learning about its amazing history and culture, tourists get to experience the thrills of being surrounded by nature. You will be in close proximity to its stunning landscapes, volcanic craters, mountains and beautiful lakes.

    As a tourist in Ethiopia, you should visit these spots;

    Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela

    The Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela come first as an important site to visit in Ethiopia. Built and named after King Lalibela, who built them in the 13th century in an attempt to recreate the city of Jerusalem.

    The eleven churches symbolize the massive influence of Christianity in Ethiopia. Till now, these churches still hold an irreplaceable position in Ethiopian Orthodox religion. Religious services are still held in these buildings.

    National Museum of Ethiopia

    It goes without saying that you are bound to get an immersive learning experience of Ethiopia’s history at its museum. The holds an impressive collection of archaeological finds and historical artefacts. A notable part of its paleoanthropological display is the skeleton of “Lucy” who is believed to be the oldest human ancestor as her fossil remains are dated to be over 3.2 million years old.

    Lake Tana

    Get on a boat to experience the largest lake in Ethiopia, a diverse and important ecosystem and the primary source of the Blue Nile River. It is surrounded by centuries-old monasteries and the lake is a host to varying fish species, Great White Pelicans, flamingos, turtles, hippopotamuses and so on.

    Omo National Park

    A UNESCO World Heritage Site that is home to wildlife like cheetahs, buffalos, leopards, elephants, lions and other predators. Omo National Park is the definition of nature at its best with its hot springs, forests and grasslands. It is also home to different Ethiopian indigenous tribes.

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