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    Restaurants that sell local foods in Denmark

    There are various reasons why one traveling to a foreign country might want to bring their own food from home. The food available where one is traveling may not be what one is accustomed to eating. It could be that one may not feel it is clean enough for them. One’s favorite foods may not be available. Or one may have religious dietary requirements that cannot be met easily with the food sold in that country.

    In most countries, it is legal to bring at least some types of food over the border. But there often at least some restrictions. Most commonly, fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat are banned. Also included a lot of the time are fish, seeds, and grains. Non-perishable processed foods are more likely to be allowed unlike the perishable food items.

    I once shared a post on this platform about the various challenges of Nigerians in a foreign land, particularly, concerning food. The Danish people are known for their various mouth-watering dishes. However, once in a while, one can’t help but miss home and the local delicacies. If you are in Denmark, you can check out these restaurants for your African local delicacies.

    1. Sasaa

    2. Restaurant Mosob

    3. Restaurant Zula

    4. Joe & the Juice

    5. Impact Roasters

    6. Boltens Food Court

    7. Baobab

    For more restaurants in Denmark and to place your orders for your African meals, click here

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