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    Dorcas Ebuara

    Are you planning on taking the TOEFL examination? Here is a review I found! It is quite an interesting, educating, and simple read. You should stop scrolling and garner knowledge to get prepared for your next test.

    “Hi guys, my name is Tomiwa. I recently took the TOEFL exam and this is me giving an account to “help” anyone who is reading to take the test. First off, the exam is simple; I know simple is subjective but still, if GRE’s difficulty is a 10, TOEFL will be like a 2. So, there’s really nothing to fret about, you go blast am.

    I registered for the TOEFL about a month before I took the test and although I dabbled here and there during the month leading to the exam, I only got serious with it during the last 4 days; the exam is that simple.


    If you’ve taken the GRE then you understand how boring and (headaching) the RCs are. On the TOEFL the reading comprehension passages and questions are much simpler. Like there’s no tricks, no having to determine the author’s tone, and all the other bullshit that the GRE has. You either get 30 questions made from 4-5 passages or the extended version of about 40 questions. I got the former.

    Score: 29/30


    The listening section is in 3 sets, each set has 1 conversation, 1 lecture, and one discussion lecture. Each with about 5-6 questions. Most people advise to jot only the main points of the audio files but I’m used to jotting pretty fast so I could do almost everything. It helps a lot because everything you can be asked has already been jotted, you just have to pick the answer. There’s no problem with this section, you just have to pick answers based on what you heard.

    Score: 30/30


    This is the hardest part of the whole test; that is not to say it is hard o..na still normal English. There’s no way to grade your speaking during practice, even the ETS practice tests do not grade speaking. You just have to practice well for it. There’s been a change in the speaking structure since December 2019, so instead of 6 speaking questions, you get 4. They’ve removed the former questions 1 and 5. I used Note full and TOEFL resources templates. Both are almost identical but it leaves room for you to create your own. I made a mistake in my final speaking question where I was stammering and suddenly burst out laughing. Just be calm, nothing dey am.

    Score: 27/30


    TOEFL writing is like the younger brothers of the GRE analytical writing, it is way easier than the writing on the GRE. It has two sections: An integrated essay where you have to read a passage in 3 minutes and jot down points, then a lecture in which the professor will refute every single point the author made, he/she will always be against the author and the independent essay: much like the GRE AWA but with simpler prompt. I had a prompt where I was asked to write a new year’s resolution. No Biggie, na still normal stuff.

    Score: 28/30”

    Materials used

    The official guide to the TOEFL


    TOEFL resources

    ETS practice tests

    Cambridge TOEFL practice tests

    Additionally, there’s an app I found on play store the night before my exam, which has several speaking questions, you can record and review”.

    Kindly share this information with others. Also, do not forget to ask questions and leave a comment.

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