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    If you follow history carefully, you will observe that many times people do not take enough time to understand the core reasons for most conflicts before they take to the streets and protest or fight.
    Our mordern socites and politics are now so complex that right may completely look wrong, and wrong, right.
    The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine started several years ago, and both parties are not crazy – they are fighting for some sort of interests. The sad part is the victims of the conflict, who have no choice.
    As a lover of history, I am particularly interested in learning about the opinions of everyone reading things – how well do you know about the current war between Russia and Ukraine?
    What do you think the main reasons are?
    The media is very much bias these days, and most people know it. So the truth is still in the minds of folks like you. Everyone’s opinion matters, so share yours and enlighten us.

  • Russia – Ukraine war: Why?

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  • Michael

    June 17, 2022 at 6:53 pm

    Who is still following the news?
    Wars are sometimes just businesses to keep the media active.
    It was once COVID-19, then Ukraine-Russian; what’s next?

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