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    Although admission into a Malaysian University isn’t a herculean task, you might probably have a problem funding your studies regardless of the reasonable fees. Do not worry, you can leverage on scholarships as Malaysian universities offer quite a number of them.

    Interestingly, some Malaysian universities award degrees from other world countries still on a scholarship basis.

    Below are some available scholarships with terms and conditions

    1. Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS): This scholarship is an initiative of the Malaysian government whose aim is to attract the “best brain” from around the world to pursue advanced academic studies in Malaysia. This scholarship aims to support the Malaysian government’s effort to attract, motivate and retain talented human capital from abroad.

    2. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSPF): The Malaysian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan are awarded by the Malaysian Government to nominated students from the Commonwealth countries to study at the post-graduate level in Malaysia. This is a government-to-government scheme without any bond imposed by Malaysia. The awards for a Master’s degree are between 12 to 24 months depending on the courses. Awards for pursuing a Ph.D. degree are for 3 years. The Awards are only applicable to candidates seeking a full-time degree programme in Malaysia.

    3. Organic Bunny Academic Scholarship: The organic Bunny Scholarship was established in 2020. It is to support people who are interested in furthering their education at higher institutions but may be in need of financial assistance. The scholarship amount is always stated on the website page, and interested are usually required to write an essay that is not less than 500 words.

    4. Ministry of Higher Education Scholarship: The Ministry of Higher Education (Scholarship Division) offers financial aid schemes to only outstanding local students who are pursuing their master’s and doctoral studies in local schools and international schools.

    5. The Universiti Malaya Excellence Ph.D. Scholarship: This scholarship is mainly for prospective Ph.D. students at the University of Malaya also known as Universiti Malaya. The university offers an exclusive scholarship to high-performing and outstanding local and international students to pursue full Ph.D. research at the university.

    6. The Universiti Malaya Financial Aid: The universiti Malay Financial Aid offers postgraduate candidates financial aid to local and international candidates in both master and doctoral programs.

    You should know that the university you are applying to may have its own scholarship package which you may be interested in. You can search your university portal to know about this scholarship programme.

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