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    Many individuals are willing to apply for refugee visas in some countries they considered safe and secure, but they don’t know neither can they identify these countries and some specific information about them. The following countries are available if you are willing to apply for a refugee visa to these countries.

    Some of the countries that issue the most refugee visas include the following:

    • The United States. To qualify for a refugee visa in the US, you must be referred to the United States Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) by an official body (UNHCR, US embassy, US refugee program, etc.). Then, a USCIS officer will decide whether you qualify for refugee status in the US, if you do then you can start your new life.
    • Canada. Similar to the US, for Canada’s refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement Program. You must also be referred as a refugee by the UNHCR, another referral organization, or a private sponsor. However, recently Canada has launched an Economic Mobility Pathway to help skilled refugees go to Canada under a skilled worker visa.
    • Australia. Australia’s refugee visa is issued indefinitely and allows you to work and live in Australia permanently. However, to qualify for the visa you need to be registered as a refugee by UNHCR. Australia also issues a temporary protection visa if you entered the country illegally and you cannot return to your home country.
    • Germany. To qualify for a refugee visa in Germany you must file a request for asylum. Then, your case will be processed by a case officer and if you are granted the request you will receive a three-year residence permit. You are also eligible to apply if you’ve already received refugee status from UNHCR.

    To apply for a refugee visa in any of the above countries, kindly visit

    UNHCR Help – Homepage



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