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    Isabella Aghogu

    Many students fail to take advantage of internship opportunities and miss out on valuable experience because they believe in internship myths.

    Myths are difficult to dispel, but it is past time to dispel the myth surrounding internships and learn what they truly entail.

    -Interns do nothing worthwhile.

    You can thank movies for this one. A prospective intern assumes that he/she might not have what it takes to add value to the company even before given an opportunity to do so. Even when they are willing, they believe the opportunity may never come. This isn’t true because for the most part, internships program are designed to help young people gain new skills. Rest assured, you will learn and contribute plenty.

    -Highly paid internships are the best.

    High stipend doesn’t always equate with good training or good exposure. Many times low-paying companies with less manpower can provide you serious work, responsibilities and add great value to your resume in terms of real experience.

    -Internships always guarantee a job.

    Unfortunately, no! Just because you are interning at a company does not guarantee that you will be offered a full-time position. Of course, if you perform well and demonstrate aptitude, you have a good chance of receiving a pre-placement offer (PPO). However, a lot depends on the position that is available at the time of your internship.

    -Internships don’t make a difference.

    The biggest and most dangerous myth of them all. An internship is a stepping stone into the business world. It not only helps you earn some pocket money, but it also prepares you for the job. It improves your chances of landing a good job and gives you an advantage over students who have never worked an internship.

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