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    Some Tech Jobs Available in Singapore

    Living in the digital age has brought about great advancements in technology. Singapore is steadily growing to become a huge tech hub and has been named the second best location for tech enterprises in Asia. It’s only natural, then, that tech jobs are quickly becoming some of the most sought after. Some of the hottest tech jobs in Singapore include:

    1. UX/UI Designers

    UX refers to the user experience, or how things work, while UI refers to the user interface, or how things look. Without UX and UI designers, our favourite online hangouts, mobile apps and websites would be a horror to use. These designers deliver the needed updates and improvements that ensure businesses keep up with their customers’ needs and the ever-advancing technological age.

    2. Mobile Developers

    These talented individuals assist with app functionality, design and innovation, with the objective to increase productivity for organizations, therefore increasing brand awareness and profit.

    3. Application Developers

    Application developers are the heroes behind all our favourite games, communication and productivity features that you now find on smartphones, computers, tablets and wearable devices.

    4. Cyber Security experts

    Cyber security professionals are the force of the online world and work to keep it safe from data thievery. They are responsible for preventing intrusion, creating and maintaining virus detection software and conducting research that allows them to stay up to date with the types of malware that could infiltrate a company system and tackle any areas of vulnerability.

    5. Data engineers

    Data scientists, data analysts and data engineers are all professions that rotate around data, an important element for a business to better understand the changing winds of the industry.

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