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    Some Tourist Sites in Portugal

    Portugal’s interior melds dramatic northern mountain ranges with the vast rolling plains of the country’s sun-baked central regions. In the south, some of the best beaches in Europe flank picturesque coves and warm, shallow waters. Dotted throughout are stone-built villages, enchanting towns, and cosmopolitan cities where historic palaces and castles, museums, and monasteries are waiting to be explored.

    Below are at least 5 tourist centres in Portugal. They are:

    1. Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Lisbon

    Belém is synonymous with Portugal’s golden Age of Discovery. It’s from the shores of this Lisbon suburb that intrepid navigators set sail in the 15th and 16th centuries on long and perilous voyages to chart unknown waters and map new territories.

    2. Oceanário de Lisboa, Lisbon

    Portugal’s most popular and family-friendly visitor attraction, Lisbon’s oceanarium is brilliantly conceived to highlight the world’s diverse ocean habitats. This is one of Europe’s best and largest oceanariums, containing a vast array of fish and marine animals.

    3. Convento do Cristo, Tomar

    Dominating the charming riverside town of Tomar is a mighty castle that shields the Convento do Cristo, one of Portugal’s standout historic attractions. The 16th-century cloisters bewitch with Manueline flourishes and tease visitors with their concealed spiral staircases.

    4. Hiking the Gerês Mountain Range

    The Serra do Gerês is a mountain range of breathtaking beauty found in northern Portugal’s remote Minho region. Set within the glorious Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês, one of the top places to visit in Portugal, the granite peaks that define the character of this vast national park number among the highest and most spectacular in the country.

    5. Museu Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon

    one of the finest collections of art in Europe. The exhibits span more than 4,000 years from classical and oriental Antiquity to European art of the early 20th century. No other museum has such varied pieces of art from so many places in the world, and visitors can spend hours mulling over treasures. The museum lies in beautiful lush gardens that are perfect for picnics, especially during the summer months.

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