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    Here are a few things to consider when you begin your immigration process:

    If you want to immigrate to Alberta or simply study there, you may need to have your educational qualifications assessed.

    • The International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) is one of a number of Canadian assessment institutions that can evaluate your finished academic credentials and compare them to Canadian educational standards.
    • An ECA is necessary for some individuals submitting through the Alberta Express Entry Stream, and it can speed up the evaluation process for all Alberta Advantage Immigration Program applicants.
    • You may require a different assessment if you wish to study in Alberta. Before completing an ECA for Educational Purposes, check with the education institution where you plan to study to see what requirements they have.

    Hiring an immigration representative or lawyer to help you with your immigration application.

    • Using an immigration representative or lawyer will not speed up the processing of your application. Your application’s content is your responsibility.
    • You can get all the information you need to apply to immigrate to Alberta for free, but there is a charge for the application. If you hire a representative, keep in mind that the Canadian and Alberta governments may still contact you regarding your application. Your application may be denied if you do not fill out a form stating that you are using a representative. Use the appropriate application form for the programme you’re applying to. The Alberta Advantage Immigration Program page has information on the use of a representative.
    • Authorized agents are the only ones who can charge a fee for their services. Prior to making a payment, check their credentials to make sure they are authorized.

    Beware of Internet scams and false websites.

    For further information, visit the IRCC’s website’s section on internet, email, and telephone frauds.

    Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) requires a certified translation.

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