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    Student life in Poland

    Poland is an interesting country for foreign students thanks to their very affordable tuition and their quality education. Poland in the last 10 years has welcomed more international students than many other central European countries. Foreign students rapidly find that life in Poland as a student is very exciting and awesome.

    Poland is a successful European country, open to the students from different cultures and backgrounds. The most attractive Polish city for foreign students is Warsaw, flourishing and vibrant capital of Poland.

    Poland is an excellent place for young international student to spent several years of their life. Everyone will find something interesting from numerous clubs and bars to international music festivals and shows. One of the most serious advantages of Poland for international students is the cost of living, it depends on students’ lifestyle.

    Parties are organized day to day during the week, especially in the student town. There are over 120,000 in Wroclaw which is more than 15% of it’s population, this is the real student city.

    Poland is a temperate region with different seasons, which are Winter, Summer, Spring, and Autumn months. The winter months are not too bad, and students do not have to attend classes under harsh weather conditions.

    Poland is also a political society, as with these societies there are small traces of their militated past. However, the Polish people in the last decade are very kind and open to foreigners.

    Just as it is with studying in any foreign country, students must learn about the culture, language and lifestyle of people in that country so as not to be offensive or rude. Foreign students must learn to respect the people and their culture. And also carry themselves in an appropriate manner both inside the university environment and outside.

    Polish is mostly spoken in many student communities now as more and more foreign students are taking an interest in the language. Polish is not the most difficult language to learn as many foreign students in Poland are good level speakers of polish.

    As a foreign student, you would require basic level knowledge of the language for day to day activities or dealings with the citizens.

    In Poland, they make use of their local currency, Polish złoty, rather than the euro currency of Europe. since 2019, four złotys is equal to one euro, one dollar is equal to three złotys and five złotys is equal to one pound.

    Student life in Poland is just like any other European experience but with a Polish trend. Student pubs and associations are well known as they have been known to support cultural and social exchange.

    Sports and sporting activities are encourage in several institutions in Poland. Sports facilities in many universities are very advanced and accessible to all students.

    Poland is a charitable society as well, so different lifestyle choices that are not illegal are very welcomed. Those who want a more active lifestyle, will discover a vibrant night-life of Warsaw, with it’s clubs, restaurants and bars.

    More than 50,000 international students are now studying in Poland which means that in would be easy to make new friends from all over the world.

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