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    Victor Omotosho

    Germany is like the Higher education paradise, fascinating right?🤩

    It has the largest economy Europe and the highest traffic for international students. It is ranked number one for students who want to study abroad, and this is because of its interesting culture, festivals, access to higher education, high rise economic structures, world class education and vibrant economic lifestyle which is almost next to nothing.

    There are more than 240 Universities and more than 2,000 English language Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program to choose from, and another interesting thing to note here is the fact that public universities are free not just for German or EU citizens but also International students.

    Even most of her public universities are ranked within international higher education standards.🤯

    Just imagine saving up to 70% to 80% of your tuition fee and still getting the world’s best education and academic experience, from one of the world’s best universities in a safe and serene environment that is most conducive for learning.

    If getting a standard higher education was made easy, I might just say Germany has made it easy.

    • The point is simply this, you are giving little for so much value that is next to nothing anywhere around the world. 😇

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