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    Victor Omotosho

    Arrive early: It will be important to give yourself time to explore and get familiar with the town or country you choose to study in, arrive before the session start date and the academic classes begin. This will help you to settle down, shop for local wears, catch up on country’s language, understand the terrain, adjust to the weather and get environmental comfort.

    Double check all information: All of your documents both academic and travel documents, and be sure to make relevant photocopies of each of them and be sure all required documents are complete and in place.

    Stay in the Dorm: It will be advisable to live in a student hostel or shared student apartment where you get to interact with other international students, stay close to academic information and colleagues.

    Eat your local food: Look out for your local country restaurant😋 or outlet where you can eat your home country food that makes you remember home if you feel home sick. You will be surprised that feeling home sick is really a thing 😂

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