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    Victor Omotosho

    If you are considering studying in Europe, Poland is a good choice to consider for studying abroad. Along with the rich culture heritage, friendly weather and interesting country life, as a student there are things to know about studying in Poland.

    Low Tuition: Studying in Poland offers Low Tuition to international students can study on their public universities with as low as 2,000 Euros yearly for a Undergraduate Degree and as low as 3000 Euros yearly for postgraduate and Doctorate Degree.

    Must you learn Polish: A large percent of people in Poland speak English, and English language is the primary means of communication and education in their universities. Nonetheless, learning polish will be an added advantage.

    Cost of living: The cost of living in Poland is very low, and it is Study-friendly for but local and international students. Cost of living varies between 350­­-550 Euros monthly for international students.

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