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    Tesla provides excellent internship programs across different areas for undergraduate, graduate and advanced degrees in engineering, mathematics, computer science, etc. They allow interns to work on real projects enhancing their technical skills and expanding their knowledge.
    Getting a placement as an intern in Tesla requires a demonstration of the student’s technical skills and providing their resumes and completing an online application form.
    Interns earn an hourly rate of $32 in the US. Depending on the location, their salary ranges from $11 to $60 per hour.
    Here are a few steps to getting a placement in Tesla as an intern.

    Step 1: Visit the company’s official website or other job and internship sites to find available openings in your field. Select specific opportunities that are based on your educational background and skills.

    Step 2: Create an effective resume. This should be done after a thorough review of the job description, requirements, and qualifications stated by the company. Recruiters must see reasons why they should have the individual based on their qualifications and how they gave been able to present their skills and experiences. Having set up the resume, one can fill out the form and submit it together with the resume and cover letter when required.

    Step 3: While waiting for the call or email from the company, one should prepare for an interview process. One must be able to explain in detail all the information contained in the resume. After the initial interview with HR, there will be a technical interview with hiring managers who will ask questions that are relevant to the position that the individual seeks to fill.
    The following tips could be useful for securing a space in tesla as an intern: prepare as much as possible for your interview and desired position, connect with professionals and this that have gone ahead of you in the field, and attend a coding boot camp.

    See available internship positions and apply here.

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