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    Information technology is one of the hottest sectors of the market, even in China. China’s IT market happens to be the fourth-largest market after the US, Japan and Germany. Working there earns one several benefits including good pay and great opportunities to build one’s career. The field has been booming and is changing forever. New technologies like AI, Big Data and live streaming are major contributors that have attracted plenty of investments into the field. This has made the firm a great force to be reckoned with. In terms of spending,

    There are a good number of tech companies looking for international skilled professionals in the field. These companies include foreign companies that are based in China. While these opportunities are very much open, obtaining a degree from a Chinese university, language abilities, international work experience, and communication skills are added advantages for anyone who seeks to work in China.

    Getting a work visa in China is usually done after one gets a full-time job in China. It is usually negotiated with the company after hiring. There are, however, various visa types in China: Z-visas, F-visas, M visas, L-visas (tourists), X-visas (students) and S-visas.

    Salaries in China’s IT sector range from 15,300 CNY (lowest average) to 47,900 CNY (highest average, the actual maximum salary is higher). This salary usually includes housing, transport and other benefits.

    The following is a list of IT companies in China that are open to foreign talented employees. Kuaishou Technologies, Xiaomi Technology, Duolingo, Siemens, Tesla, Huawei, IHS Markit,

    Shopee, Picsart, Electronic Arts (EA), Alibaba Group, Pay Pal, etc.

    The most in-demand tech jobs in China are: Application developers, DevOps, Mobile developers, Project management and business analysts, Cloud specialists and engineers, Data scientists and analysts, UI/UX designers, Cyber security and technology risk, Scrum Masters, and System engineers. Information technology is one of the hottest sectors of the market, even in China.

    Check out some IT job openings here.

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