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    Tech Jobs in Denmark

    Denmark is a Scandinavian country surrounded by numerous beautiful islands, rich in culture and architecture, and an attraction to tourists from around the world. However, not everyone can enter Denmark freely. Some people need to apply for a Denmark visa (also known as a Schengen visa) if they want to visit.

    Denmark is known for its high standards of living, flexible working conditions and strong educational system, making it an ideal location for workers looking for IT jobs abroad.

    The economy of Denmark is also on the rise and has seen a recent boom to the job market and is thriving in its trading of exports including industrial machinery, chemical products, pharmaceuticals and probably its most famous product, Lego.

    The Danes have always been innovative within the technology and digital sector.

    Denmark has a dynamic job market and offers a number of opportunities in many industries, especially in IT and technology. The IT skills shortage in Denmark has resulted in a strong demand for IT professionals across a broad range of sectors. The most common IT jobs in Denmark currently in demand include developer, programmer and project manager roles.

    Before you look for a job in Denmark, or even arrive for that matter, you should find out where you require a resident and work permit. This can depend on your nationality and qualifications. If you’re from the Nordic countries, within the European Union and European Economic Area (EEA) you are free to reside and work in Denmark. If you want to stay longer than three months you must apply for a registration certificate at the Regional State Administration, or Statsforvaltningen.

    Click here for more information on the various tech jobs available in Denmark.

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