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    Deborah Etim

    France is one of the top countries in Europe. It is home to fashion, culture, exquisite meals, and of course, quality higher education. Studying in a place like France gives you the opportunity to explore the world and gain opportunities that build your career. If you are wondering if France is a good study location, I answer a big YES to that, and here are ten reasons why:

    • France has attractive tuition rates. Although tuition is not free like in Germany, it is very affordable when compared to other countries. The affordability of tuition is however tied to the type of university.

    • There are a plethora of universities to chose from. There are about 3,500 public and private learning institutions in France, including 72 universities, 25 multi-institute campuses, 271 doctorate schools, and 220 business and management schools.

    • Excellent university education that is tailored to the requirements of students. The educational system in France is top-notch even though tuition is not very high.

    • Remarkable prospects for research and development.

    • Airbus, Orange, LVMH, L’Oréal, Danone, Dior, Givenchy, and other major multinational businesses have their headquarters in France. This means you have the opportunity to work for a multinational organisation, upon graduating, depending on your field of study.

    • Young talent is highly appreciated in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship.

    • You will learn French, which is a global language and has many benefits attached to it.

    • There are a lot of scholarship opportunities to study here. It is easier to get a scholarship to study in France than in most places.

    • It borders six different countries and with its affordable transportation, you can actually travel to visit other parts of Europe, in your free time, on a budget!

    • France is an economic powerhouse on a global scale.

    Studying in France is a win because apart from the wide range of cultural exposure, you get to learn the language, and most importantly, your CV has a boost and you will be presented with wonderful opportunities by virtue of studying in that location.

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