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    So, congratulations on landing that job offer but before you go ahead to sign those agreement forms, you just might want to hold on a bit. Take your time and go through all the forms before appending your signature. Ensure you are satisfied with all the terms as it might be too late to have a rethink after signing.

    In Germany, there are different types of work contracts. The term “Arbeitsvertrag” is a German term which means labour/work contract and it entails all the details of your employment agreement. Luckily, you are always given an opportunity to take it home with you. This is done to give you ample time to go through it thoroughly. The most common elements of every German work contract are:

    • Role description

    • Contract duration

    • Probation period

    • Working hours

    • Salary

    • Bonuses

    • Additional benefits

    • Holiday leave

    • Company pension scheme

    • Condition(s) of contract termination


    Although permanent work contracts are the most common, there is a host of other ones such as freelancer contracts, fixed-term labour contracts and so on.

    Get full details on the forms of Germanic work contracts here.

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