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    The Emerging Technology Scholarship is a forward-looking body that seeks to assist students who are passionate about emerging technology and are willing to build a career in the field of technology. The body honours this passion with a fully-funded scholarship in technology at Full Sail University.

    The scheme is designed to identify individuals who have great problem-solving and critical thinking, are successful academically and are passionate about emerging technology. They provide a full scholarship (including tuition and a laptop) for selected campuses or an online bachelor of science degree programs.

    To be eligible, candidates must:

    *Meet admissions requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree program in Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Game Development, Information Technology, Simulation & Visualization, or Web Development.

    *Have earned at least a cumulative high school GPA of 3.8 or higher, an SAT score after February 2016 of 1133 or higher, or an ACT score of 25 or higher and apply for the Apply an application for admission on 26, 2022 June 26, 2022.

    *Submit an original project with screencast per instructions in the application process section on or before June 26, 2022.

    *Begin their degree program within 2 years.

    *Maintain satisfactory academic progress and adhere to Full Sail University’s Code of Conduct.

    Round 2 eligibility is determined by the scholarship panel andis 26, 2022 based on the evaluation of the project submitted by applicants

    Round 3 eligibility is determined by applicants’ high school transcript, SAT score and the scholarship application (all scholarship requirements must be met). The scholarship is awarded based on the whiteboard problem-solving competition held by Full Sail University virtually.

    See more about the emerging technology scholarship here.

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