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    Taofikat Oduola

    E-Residency offers you an opportunity to contribute to and benefit from a country’s economy regardless of your nationality. The advantages of being an E-Resident vary from one country to another but among the most common benefits are the ability to establish an online company, pay taxes, use online banking services and so on. By implication, you gain the title of being an independent citizen of that country irrespective of your location. The process of becoming an E-Resident is quite easy but having a clean criminal record is of extreme importance.

    In 2014, Estonia launched its E-Residency program and has so far, been the only country with a “tested and trusted” E-Residency program status. Being a part of the European Union, Estonia remains one of the best countries to register an online company as you have the opportunity of trading with other European countries. Some of the documents needed to become an Estonian E-Resident include a Government-issued ID, a passport, motivation statement and a visa or MasterCard. Apply and get more information on how to become an E-Resident in Estonia here.

  • The Estonian E-Residency Program

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  • Michael

    May 12, 2022 at 10:24 am

    E-residency is the new world for, especially digital entrepreneurs.

    You can be the founder of an Estonian company without ever having to live in Estonia. This is really helpful for people who want to start a business abroad and are restricted in some ways.

    Any entrepreneur here who wants to start a company abroad?

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