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    Recently, there has been the need to move abroad for software engineers because of the need to enjoy a better quality of life and earning power. As has been rightly saying, the problems in the Nigerian IT system are not enough to spur one into developing their skills; therefore the need to go seek better challenges abroad.

    There also has been a study that shows that the best-paid software engineers in Nigeria are not well paid compared to their counterparts in Johannesburg and Cape Town. This has urged these experts to run to places where they can get more for the values that they offer.

    Similarly, tech companies in Nigeria are not always able to afford well trained and equipped software engineers as much as companies abroad. This has resulted in a shortage of talents in the Nigerian industry. Most of which have not aided the industry.

    There also is the potential for skills transfer with foreign professionals mentoring Nigerians and having them visible in foreign spaces positively presenting the Nigerians as smart and intelligent even in diaspora. This way,they can advocate for the local ecosystem.

    See a list of openings for software engineers abroad.

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