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    Types of Work Visas in the United Kingdom

    The Points Based System (PBS) is the primary method of immigration to the United Kingdom. Prior to entering the country, immigrants from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) submit an application to one of five levels based on their intentions to work, study, invest, or train there.

    They must successfully complete a points-based evaluation that examines the prerequisites, rights, and entry requirements for each tier.

    For permit or to stay in the UK, applicants must receive a certain minimum number of points based on their age, education, language proficiency, earnings, and financial resources.

    Certain visas are covered by all five tiers:

    • Tier 1 : High-skilled workers, business owners, investors, and graduate students who reside outside of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) are eligible for Tier One visas. These job seekers can apply without a job offer.
    • Tier 2 : Outside of the EEA, skilled workers, athletes, and clergy members may apply for visas under this category if they have a job offer and can fulfil a need in the local labor market.
    • Tier 3 : Temporary workers with low skill levels were eligible for Tier 3 visas. The government, however, opted not to hire immigrants from outside the EU for tier three positions, and these visas have subsequently been terminated.
    • Tier 4 : Foreign students older than 16 who wish to attend a school, college, or university in the nation must apply for a tier four visa.
    • Tire 5: Six subcategories of temporary workers fall under Tier 5, including those employed in the charitable, religious, and working-holiday industries as well as young individuals.

    Requirements for Obtaining UK Work Visas

    Depending on the tier and visa you require, there are different requirements for a work visa for the United Kingdom. With the exception of the extraordinary skill specified in tier one, tier two includes the majority of long-term visas. The most popular visa for businesses that are growing is the tier two general UK work visa, which is available to anyone who has a job offer in the UK but is not from the EEA or Switzerland.

    All applicants for general work visas require a licensed sponsor or an employer. Although the conditions differ depending on the kind of work permit, the following are the most typical:

    • An application form
    • Two color photographs taken within the past six months
    • A valid passport
    • Proof of financial means to cover UK living costs
    • Proof of accommodation
    • Detailed travel itinerary
    • Tuberculosis test results
    • Biometric information
    • A visa invitation letter if the individual is staying with a friend or family member
    • Paid UK visa fees
    • Certified translations of any document that’s not in English or Welsh.

    Application Procedure

    Three months before you intend to start working, you should apply for a UK visa. It’s crucial to apply early at an application center or online through the UK Home Office Visas and Immigration Services website because the processing of visa applications might take up to three weeks.

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