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    Victor Omotosho

    Greece represents an ancient civilization and is situated in South-East Europe. With its sunny weather and Mediterranean climate, its magical landscapes and its rich cultural heritage, Greece is one of the most idyllic study abroad destinations worldwide

    The best part about studying here is that it is quite affordable and not just in education but their lifestyle too. Coming to Greece will not be just about studying, but also about gaining new experiences and new friends so seize every opportunity.

    Greece has around 24 universities and 16 technical universities and most of them are public. If you’re attracted to the idea of studying in Greece, there great universities that offer English-taught programmes. Greek universities also provide a unique opportunity for international students for extending their knowledge in various fields.

    Being the hub of top fortune companies, Greek provides immense job & internship opportunities to students. International students are legally allowed to work for 22 hours per week, and around 450-800€ can cover an average student’s monthly spending.

    Also Both students from EU countries and Non-EU nationals are normally charged from 1000 to 9000€ yearly. This sum covers the cost of educational materials, such as textbooks and other educational activities.

    A good way to approach Greek culture is from the perspective of freedom, and it is also known best for its good food, from olives to lamb dishes, her food represents the very best of the Mediterranean and very healthy. Imagine yourself heading from class to a small restaurant overlooking the sea to enjoy and you can get an idea of what everyday life is like in Greece.

    Greece is also a country in touch with its past. Nowhere is this more obvious than in Athens, where the Parthenon stands high above the modern city. But Greece’s magnificent history isn’t just found in Athens, there are a lot of tourist site attractions and ancient landmarks in this city of art, history and culture.

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