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    Victor Omotosho

    Finnish higher education system is one of the most thriving in the world, and whether at home or abroad, nurses play a crucial role in the healthcare industry. The healthcare systems would be far less effective and compassionate without nurses.

    In Finland, there are nursing schools where students can study in English. In order to be able to contribute to the growth of nursing, you get strong theoretical and practical training in nursing, nursing science, and nursing research. The majority of the nursing programs are offered in the English Language.

    Basically, working with clients of all ages, supporting their health and well-being, and treating their ailments will be part of your valued job as a nurse. You will have the chance to operate in situations that are cross-disciplinary, national, and international. Also, You will likely be required to participate in a clinical practice placement, which will aid your professional development and improve your clinical skills for the Job.

    • The study duration is often 3 ½ years for a bachelor’s degree
    • Degree title – Bachelor of Health Care
    • General Application opens 4th to 18th of January every year (some schools have different application/admission periods, and application deadlines)
    • The annual tuition fee is around 8000 to 11000 euros per academic year for Bachelor, and for some master’s programs (for Non-EU/EEA applicants)

    You must have at least one of the following amongst other requirements required by your institution (for Non-EU/EEA applicants)

    • Higher school diploma
    • An upper general certificate of education
    • A higher secondary school certificate (SSCE Certificate)

    Your language skills will be tested i.e. having a minimum of a B.1 in the (CEFR) Common European Framework for Languages skills

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