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    France is a country that is considered to be an international hub for its artistic, cultural, and scientific significance. Its location in the center of Europe further provides excellent transport links to other major cities and countries surrounding it. France is rich with time-honored architectural masterpieces such as the Eiffel Tower, Mont Saint Michel, Chateau de Versailles, and more.

    Universities in France have excellent academic reputations. Several have been around since the 13th century and have produced the world’s greatest thinkers and artists. Currently, there are over 250,000 international students in France enjoying top-notch teaching and research opportunities.

    1. Can international students In France work while studying? International students are allowed to work in France regardless of their level of study. if you’re not a European student you will need a student resident permit to be allowed to work, and you can generally work fewer hours per week (part-time). Regardless of your residential status, you are entitled by law to minimum wage. Most universities host work contracts within their campus too, so you should look out for and take advantage of such proxy opportunities.
    2. Can International Students Stay in France After Graduation?: As an International or non-European graduates, you must first secure an employment contract with a salary. And while still seeking employment, international graduates may request a temporary resident permit, and this permit is valid for twelve months so you can legally stay in the country.

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