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    Ghana is a very peaceful and friendly country; if you are visiting Ghana for the first time, here are a few etiquette and rules to abide by to avoid offending Ghanaians during your visit.

    Don’t Sniff Food

    Sniffing any food you’re offered is considered impolite in Ghanaian culture; your host may misinterpret it as a sign that you believe the food wasn’t properly prepared.

    No Leg Crossing

    Ghana is big on respect, and crossing your legs while sitting in the presence of elders is considered a form of disrespect.

    Don’t Give Or Receive Something With Your Left Hand

    In other parts of the world, this might be considered nothing, but in Ghana, it’s a big deal and considered insulting. While in Ghana, try to use your right hand while receiving and giving things.

    Don’t Take Pictures Without Consent.

    Ghanaians don’t like having their pictures taken, so before you do, ensure you ask for their consent first.

    Ghana is a safe country for travellers, so long you know what to do and what not to do, you will have a nice experience there.

  • Things You Should Never Do As A Tourist In Ghana

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  • Deborah Etim

    April 22, 2022 at 11:44 am

    No leg crossing? Wow! I would have gotten into trouble because I like to sit and cross my legs.

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