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    Adebusola O.

    Food is vital for everybody, wherever you go, you need to eat to stay healthy and grow. When you travel, you may not have the luxury of traveling with your local dishes, and you will certainly eat when you get to your destination. You then begin to think of what you should eat and shouldn’t in your host nations. Thinking about this can be frustrating, and this is why you should read through this article to know the top food in Ecuador that you should try out as an international student.

    1. Quinoa

    Quinoa is a staple food for people in northern South America. It is grown as a crop primarily for its edible seeds. The seeds are rich in protein, dietary fiber, Vitamin B, and dietary minerals, much more than many other grains. In Ecuador, there are many ways to prepare Quinoa, but many Ecuadorians enjoy simple quinoa soup made with onion, butter, and salt.

    2. Fried Plantain

    If you are a Nigerian, you wouldn’t mind eating this almost every day. Fried plantain, called Boli in Nigeria, is a popular snack in Nigeria and Ecuador. They are sold on the street corners and are not expensive. They are cut down in the middle, filled with a slice of mozzarella, an Italian cheese, and roasted on a grill.

    3. Chugchucaras

    Chugchucaras is a local delicacy of the Latacunga, a city in Ecuador, but it is common in other parts of Ecuadorian cities. Chugchucaras consists of deep-fried pork, potatoes, mote, fried plantains, empanadas, and pork rinds (pig skin). It is eaten with a spicy sauce known as aji.

    4. Ecuadorian Ceviche

    It is a South American seafood that originated from Peru. It is made from fresh raw fish dipped in lemon or lime. It is spiced with aji, a spicy sauce, chili peppers or other seasonings, thin stripped cut onions, and coriander herb. Because it is not boiled or fried, the fish is eaten fresh, almost immediately the fish is caught to prevent food poisoning.

    5. Morocho

    Morocho is made from a combination of milk, sugar, and ground white corn. Morocha is a thick sweet beverage commonly sold on street corners and open markets. It can be prepared with vegetables and also offered as a soup. For more Ecuadorian meals, click here.

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