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    UX is a branch of tech that concerns itself with user experience. It deals with how users interact with a website or a software service. They ensure that a product is useful, usable and enjoyable for their users. Being a relatively new field in tech, several schools offer the necessary skills that a UX designer would need to thrive in their career. These schools offer rich and necessary skill development opportunities to get their students into the job market and thought leadership with a focus on strategy and innovation.

    1. Professional Diploma in UX Design at the UX Design Institute.
    Here, they teach the basics of design thinking and UX design. It is great for beginners and career changers. The materials are recorded lectures that can be granted to students once they have registered. There are clear instructions for each project, as well as monthly webinars with an expert in the field to answer questions and give feedback to students.
    The study format is 100% online and asynchronous which could be done in 6 months or less. It costs €2550 (or around USD 2929—depending on the exchange rate). One could go-ahead to schedule their exams once they are done with their lectures and projects after which they will be sent their diploma accredited through Glasgow Caledonian University).

    2. User Experience Design Certificate at University of California San Diego
    This program is designed for those who are looking for a certification accredited through an American institution. It is currently 100%online with some variations in how they are done. All classes use the Blackboard learning system and most use a combination of theory and practice (hands-on work). It runs for 15-21 months every quarter. One has signed up for 1-2 courses every three months and completed them before going for the next. It costs $5,400 ($595-795 per course). The core curriculum includes the basics of UX and responsive design with electives that allow one to dive into UI design exposing and even analytics.

    3. One-Year Immersive at the Austin Center for Design. This course is based in Austin, Texas and runs for 1 year with 48 hours of coursework. It is designed to suit those seeking to learn design from a perspective of social change and entrepreneurship. It is an in-person none accredited program. The course costs USD 18,000.

    4. Media Arts and Sciences Program at the MIT Media Lab.
    The course is designed to be done online or onsite and it runs for 2 years. It is designed for people who have some level of experience in the field.
    Being a prestigious school, they only accept 50 applicants this past year. This is also because the course is offered for free. One is to take courses on MIT’s schedule and have a variety of instructors and mentors, as well as the opportune city to work in person with other leaders and designers

    5. User Experience Design and Development Skills Certificate at OCAD University.
    The course is designed for those who are willing to learn online and do not mind some scheduled classes. It is scheduled to run for a period of 3 months to 3 years as the maximum. . it is registered with an accredited university and so several courses can be taken together depending on their schedule on the school’s calendar. The price for each course varies from 345- 675 per course to e. One must pick at least 5 courses to be eligible for the certificate. Time spent in class ranges from 12-20hours over 3-5 weeks per course.

    See UX scholarship opportunities here.

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