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    Japan has one of the cheapest tertiary educations in the World, and tuition fees in Japan start at $ 4,760 per year. Japan wants international students within its borders to study with opportunities readily available to international students while and after learning. The Japanese universities are focused on making life easy for international students, from application processes to finding jobs after graduation. More courses taught in Japanese universities are partly or entirely in English.

    Without further ado, these are the top best universities in Japan you may want to consider:

    1. University of Tokyo: University of Tokyo or U of Tokyo is a public national university established in 1877. U of Tokyo is the best university in Japan. It is ranked 23rd university on QS World University Rankings. University of Tokyo’s alumni, faculty members, and researchers include seventeen Prime Ministers, eighteen Nobel Prize laureates, four Pritzker Prize laureates, five astronauts, and one field Medalist.

    2. Kyoto University: Kyoto University or Kyoto U is a public research university founded in 1897. It is the second oldest university in Japan. Kyoto U has produced five Prime Ministers of Japan and one President of Taiwan. Kyoto U is renowned for producing world-class researchers. As of October 2019, nineteen Nobel laureates, and one Gauss Prize winner has been associated with Kyoto University. Kyoto University is the second-best university in Japan and 38th on QS World University Rankings.

    3. Osaka University: Osaka University is a public research university established in 1931. Osaka University is the largest national university in Japan. It is also one of the most productive research institutions in Japan. Numerous prominent scholars and scientists have attended or worked at Osaka University. It is the third-best university in Japan and 75th on QS World University Rankings.

    4. Tohoku University: Tohoku University is a public university established in 1907. It is ranked as the fourth-best university in Japan and 132nd on QS World University Rankings. It is located in Sendai Miyagi, Japan.

    5. Keio University: Keio University is a private research university established in 1858. It is one of the only two Japanese universities to be a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global University Leaders Forum. Its alumni and faculties include three former Prime Ministers, two astronauts, and a Wolf Prize winner. It is ranked the 191st on QS World University Rankings.

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