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    Taofikat Oduola

    The use of Information Technology (IT) to perform daily tasks is gaining more popularity by every passing second. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering the fact that we are in a digital era. It is only natural that we go with the flow. Information Technology involves the use of computers and other sources of telecommunication to store, retrieve, process and manipulate data and information. By implication, the scope of IT involves anything that has to do with computer and technology such as networking, hardware, software as well as the internet itself. In today’s business world, a lot of companies have adopted the use of IT to manage all technical areas of the business such as computer programming and engineering, web design and development, network administration and so on. The importance of a functional IT system cannot be overemphasized. It has helped to save time while ensuring maximum sales output. The use of IT spans across various organizations of the world; companies, schools, hospitals, ministries and even the home. Talk of effective electronic security, proper storage of valuable data and efficient communication in the cheapest way possible, information Technology is the way to go. Job positions in the IT industry include Data scientists, Support analysts, Database developers, Software management developers, Software analysts, Technical consultants and so on.

    Now, to the question: where is IT most appreciated and one can earn a good living from it? Make your pick from the list of top countries here.

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