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    Deborah Etim

    This is an opportunity for Undergraduate Students who wish to study in America.
    University of Miami academics are students from all over the world who contribute to the University of Miami’s lively academic community by sharing their diverse experiences, accomplishments, and interests. Many students rise to the top of our candidate pool by demonstrating great academic successes in a rigorous and well-rounded curriculum, a strong work ethic, and relevant extracurricular activity.

    Here are the things you must know about the scholarship:

    • There is no separate application for academic scholarships; everyone who applies to the university of Miami gets considered!

    • Apply Early – Find out when the first-year, transfer, and international students’ application

    • To be considered for financial-based institutional help, international students must submit the CSS Profile. You can check out the CSS profile here and apply.

    • The Office of Undergraduate Acceptance notifies recipients of their award at the time of admission, and each recipient is only eligible for one merit grant.

    • Incoming undergraduate students at the University of Miami are awarded merit-based scholarships depending on their achievements.

    Application Deadline is November 1, 2021. It is close but the procedure is easy. You do not need to submit the CSS profile immediately, just head on to apply for an admission and continue the other processes for Financial aid.
    Apply here.

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