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    Vocational Education demand is at an all-time high. Skills and practical knowledge are considered more important than head knowledge, this is why organizations are interested in hiring job seekers who are skillful and knowledgeable.

    Vocational schools in the United States are post-secondary schools (students usually enroll after graduating from high school or obtaining their GEDs) that teach the skills necessary to help students acquire jobs in specific industries.

    The following are some of the vocational schools in the USA:

    1. Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology

    If you want to learn how to fly aircraft or repair one, Spartan is for you. Spartan is a private profit-oriented aviation college in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Spartan, initially, was established to provide pilots and technicians for the defunct Spartan Aircraft Company, its parent company. Spartan was established in 1928.

    2. Vermont Technical College

    Vermont Technical College or VTC, established in 1866, is a public technical college in Vermont. It is an umbrella for different teaching schools such as the School of Nursing, School of Agriculture, Plant and Animal Science, School of Engineering and Computing, School of Professional Studies and Management, and Continuing Education and Workforce Development. VTC offers financial aid such as scholarship, and the Federal Government of the United States give grants to deserving students.

    3. Apex Technical School

    Apex Technical School is a trade school in Long Island City, Queens, New York City. It offers vocational students hands-on training. Apex Technical School allows students to either attend day or evening classes, and students can complete their program in as little time as seven months. Financial aid and work-study jobs are available to those who qualify. Apex’s vocational school helps students pursue entry-level positions in different industries, including automotive service repair, HVAC, welding, electrical, construction, and plumbing.

    4. National Aviation Academy

    The National Aviation Academy, a private profit-oriented aviation maintenance technician school, was established in 1932. You can finish your program in as little as 11 months. NAA create career opportunities for their students. Located in Concord, NAA offers different financial aid to students accepted into NAA.

    5. Pinnacle Career Institute

    Pinnacle Career, located in Kansas City, Missouri, is a private profit-oriented school, it offers students certificates in massage therapy, dental assisting, wind turbine technician, and cell tower technician. It also offers programs online. For more vocational schools, click here

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