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    Isabella Aghogu

    So you’ve considered volunteering abroad?
    Well, congratulations! You may have taken the first step in a seemingly tedious but eternally rewarding journey. Why would I say tedious? Well, volunteering abroad is vast and the questions in your head might overwhelm you, understandably so! Have no fear; I’m here to make all the information you need available right here, on your screen. To begin, I would say that the details mean little until the decision has been made. This means that you have to decide if volunteering is the right fit for you before anything else. Turn your consideration into a decision! When that decision is made, half of the work is done! Wherever you volunteer, under whichever organization and for whatever reason, there is a universal qualifying factor: how willing are you to serve others? And how passionate are you about giving your time and efforts to a cause that’s greater than you, with little or no gratification other than the fact that you’ve made someone’s life easier? This is how you decide if volunteering is right for you. And even if it isn’t? That’s okay! There are many options within or without the scope of volunteering that suit different people. Even if you’ve read this far, it might be too soon to make any hasty decisions. Keep an eye on this page to see information on and current trends in internships and volunteer programs abroad. Don’t forget to follow and engage with your comments below!

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