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    Are you considering studying in Japan? Take a look at this list of some of Japan’s best schools.

    • University of Tokyo: Japan’s first national university is the University of Tokyo. It was founded in 1877 and currently includes ten faculties and five graduate schools. Students move campuses during their studies, which is an intriguing aspect of the institution. They attend one campus for the first two years and then transfer to another in their third year. Because it is close to major sites, the school is an excellent choice for people who wish to sightsee.

    • Osaka University: Over 15,000 undergraduate students, 8,000 graduate students, and 2,000 overseas students attend Osaka University. You will have attended the same university as Sony founder Akio Morita if you attend Osaka University.

    • Hokkaido University: Originally known as Sapporo Agricultural College, Hokkaido University was Japan’s first higher education school to provide bachelor’s degrees. It is ranked #7 on the list of best institutions in Japan.

    • Nagoya University: Nagoya University has a long history of academic achievement, with about 33% of Japan’s Nobel Laureates in Science. The institution is well-known for its research, which is unsurprising.

    • Kyushu University: Kyushu Institution was founded in 1903, making it the island’s fourth oldest university. With over 18,000 students, this might be the place for you if you want to immerse yourself in a large university atmosphere. Despite the large size of the school, the student-to-teacher ratio remains low at 9:1.

    • Keio University: Keio University is Japan’s first private higher education institution. It was recognized as the 10th best school in Japan in 2019. The institution has a strong worldwide reputation for research and a diversified global network.

    • University of Tsukuba: This campus houses more than a third of Japan’s research institutes. International studies are prioritized, with collaboration agreements in place with North Africa and Central Asia. Surprisingly, around 70 of its current and former students have competed in Olympic Games.

    • Akita International University: Akita International University, also known as AIU, is a liberal arts institution with a student population of about 880. Located in Akita prefecture on the northern seaboard of the main island of Japan, they provide each international student with a rigorous academic curriculum as well as the opportunity to experience and understand the people and culture of Japan through extracurricular activities. Akita International University, which bears the term “overseas” in its name, has 26% international students. Short- and long-term programs are available at the school.

    • Waseda University: Waseda University, located in Tokyo, is regarded as one of Japan’s most diversified campuses. Over 5,000 foreign students from over 100 countries attend classes on campus.

    • Tohoku University: Tohoku University paved the path for the future of Japanese education by admitting women and graduates from technical institutions. Through its research in next-generation medicine, the institution continues to be a trailblazer. It is located in Sendai, a massive metropolis with a population of one million people.

    There is a wide range of options regarding where you may get your degree. However, studying abroad, particularly in Japan, will broaden your horizons and provide you with new experiences! In Japan, there are several great universities to select from. Studying abroad will allow you to make memories that will last a lifetime.

  • What are the Best Universities in Japan for International Students?

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