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    The Canadian government established a new electronic immigration system in January 2015 that allows skilled and qualified individuals to enter Canada quickly.

    The new Express Entry programme will handle permanent residence applications for immigrants who can fill occupations where there aren’t enough trained Canadian workers.


    It can be difficult to tell if you qualify for the Express Entry System, but there are some guidelines.
    Express Entry is a system set up by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to “handle applications for permanent residency under these federal economic immigration programmes.”

    The Federal Skilled Workers Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canada Experience Class are all examples of economic immigration programmes.
    Eligibility requirements vary based on the class you desire to apply for, but you must be legally admissible to Canada and intend to live in a province or territory other than Quebec for all programmes.

    Candidates must also score at least a certain level on the Comprehensive Ranking System. Some of the most important prerequisites for each of the three economic programmes are as follows:

    Who Can Apply for Express Entry?

    There are specific criteria that are used, but in general, anyone can submit their profile and be considered for selection. So this is fantastic news.

    Of course, if you have a job offer in the works, you’ll be in a better position to qualify, but that doesn’t imply you won’t be chosen if you don’t.

    How are Express Entry Points Calculated to Determine a CRS Score?

    The Comprehensive Ranking System ranks eligible candidates for immigration to Canada through Express Entry. Points are given within the following categories: Age, Level of Education, Official Language Proficiency, Second Official Language, Canadian Work Experience. Check here for detailed explanation.

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