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    House keeping jobs are not uncommon in many places abroad. Many foreigners often travel out to various countries outside their native country to work as house keepers. It is unfortunate that while some keep enjoying their lives as house keepers in their new environ, many still feel uncomfortable with their house keeping jobs. Why?????

    This is because they are not familiar with some golden nuggets about their new jobs.

    1. You have to study your new environment and be more familiar with the house keeping rules and procedures in your new place of work. Don’t assume you know it all, ask questions. Rules are always dynamic.

    2. Be neat. Housekeepers should not be dirty and look unkept. Employers often find it easy to recommend their employees who are house keepers to other excellent employers where house keepers can enjoy great opportunities

    3. Avoid distractions. When working as an housekeeper, you have to pay rapt attention to whatever you are doing. Avoid unnecessary distractions, either physical or psychological

    4. Patience is indeed a great virtue. You will only enjoy your life as an house keeper if you are patient and tolerant.

    5. Be conscious and vigilant: As an House keeper, many items may be kept under your care or watch, be vigilant and be security conscious!

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